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Consumers today are concerned about more than price tags and clearance sales. Educated and mindful buyers want to know that their dollars are supporting causes they believe in and respect. Philanthropic companies gain customer loyalty more quickly than almost any other type of organization. Here are four reputable businesses that are known for giving back to their communities.


Whole Foods Market

Through a number of different foundations, such as Whole Kids, Whole Foods Market gives back to local and international communities. Founded in 2014, the Whole Cities Foundation contributes to more than 100 cities across the United States and Canada. This organization works with nearly 200 nonprofit agencies to distribute food resources and education. The Whole Planet Foundation utilizes techniques such as micro-lending to educate, support, and raise awareness about the most destitute peoples on the planet.


The Coca-Cola Company

Chairman and CEO James Quincey believe that corporations have a responsibility to give back to their communities. Some of the major initiatives focus on youth development, local schools, and other local civic engagements. The international presence of Coca-Cola is truly inspiring other donors to get involved. Through partnerships with non-profit agencies, the company is able to fund programs that promote equality, education, medical research, and much more. In addition to special empowerment fundraising, Coca-Cola also donates 1% of its annual profits to various causes.



Although the coffee conglomerate often faces public scrutiny, Starbucks has a proven track record of supporting their communities. Sustainability is a major concern for the company, which prides itself on responsibly sourcing ingredients and supplies. The Starbucks Foundation donates millions each year to various social development, equality, and youth development programs. Through several different avenues, Starbucks provides education, funding, and necessary resources to source countries for their products.


Warby Parker

Companies like TOMS Shoes and Warby Parker give back in unique and inspiring ways. For every pair of glasses sold online or in a retail location, the company provides a pair of glasses for a child in need. They also train adults to perform eye exams and distribute affordable eyeglasses. There are no gimmicks or public appeals with Warby Parker, and they would do what they do even if no one ever knew.