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One of the most special aspects of the holiday season is the opportunity to volunteer and donate to those in need. There is an abundance of ways for people to get involved and take the opportunity to give back to their communities. This is the perfect opportunity for parents to teach their children the importance of giving and the true meaning of the season. Below are just a few way to help volunteer or donate during the holidays.

Take the time to donate both clothes and toys to those in need during the holiday season. Sometimes it can be a struggle to know exactly what clothes to donate. Contact the local homeless shelters in the area so they are able to indicate what clothes they are currently in need of. Children can also sort through their toys to figure out which toys they may have outgrown or no longer play with. This way they are able to donate them to those children who may not be as fortunate to receive gifts this season.

Many local shelters and community centers provide a nice warm holiday meal to those who may not get one. This is the perfect opportunity to have the family volunteer help serve a holiday meal and donate food that the shelter may need. Meals on Wheels is a great resource to check out to help get involved and deliver meals to local communities.

Sometimes volunteering and donating is not necessary at all! Spending time with others is an excellent way to give back during the holidays. There are many people who do not have family or friends to spend the holidays with. Simply going caroling, distributing holiday cards to nursing homes, or even shoveling an elderly neighbors driveway is giving back in itself.

Get involved with the local food pantry or food bank to help organize a food drive. Take the time to donate nonperishable food items to assist those families in need. When times are tough many depend on these items to help put a meal on the table. Organizing a food drive can make all the difference in the world to help replenish these items. Without the assistance from the community it is hard to sustain.