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Africa is one of the fastest-growing markets for technology-based products in the world. Over the years, internet connectivity has significantly grown in numerous African countries. The number of people using smart devices has also increased tremendously, leading to online opportunities growth.

Multiple technology startups have also emerged and are doing well in driving innovation and inventions. One of the companies that are spearheading the evolution of technology in African countries is Andela. Founded over five years ago, Andela has established bases in more than five countries and has its headquarters in the United States.

Who Founded Andela?

Andela was established by technology enthusiasts who saw the need to develop Africa by equipping young talented people with skills to spearhead its growth. Some of the company’s founding members include Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, Nadayar Enegesi, and Christina Sass. Iyinoluwa Aboyeji and Nadayar are African entrepreneurs and investors who have made significant contributions to their home country’s growth and spread into other parts of Africa. The duo has been instrumental in establishing the Future African Fund – an initiative focused on providing capital to various startups from African countries.

COVID-19 Impact

The COVID-19 pandemic greatly affected the operations of numerous businesses, including Andela. As strict measures to curb the spread of the virus took effect, the company was forced to adopt the work from home strategies encouraged by various governments worldwide. This move ensured that the company’s operations continued despite the devastating effects of the pandemic on the global economy.

Role of Andela in Africa

Andela was established to scout for talents in Africa. The company identifies young people interested in software development and trains them to become software experts. The company does not discriminate against any gender as it trains both male and female software experts. Application to join the company is free and transparent. Successful applicants undergo some months of training and are then deployed to work with professional engineers in various departments. Upon completing the training, young software engineers are connected with top software companies operating in Africa, such as Microsoft and Google.

Technological advancements will spearhead growth in Africa. Andela has demonstrated its commitment to making Africa shine globally through its investment in technology training. As technology continues to evolve, we expect that more technology startups will continue to blossom.