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Many people across the United States are unemployed or have had hours reduced due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that food banks are working hard to ensure families have enough to eat during this challenging time. Hosting a holiday food drive is a great way to give back and help these food banks get the food they need to continue their important mission. Host a holiday food drive this season with these tips.

Contact a Local Food Bank

Before getting started, it is best to contact a local food bank. Feeding America is an organization that connects volunteers with food banks in their area. The sooner that contact is made before the holidays the better. Food banks will be able to offer supplies, such as boxes with their logo, instructions on what types of food they can take and thank you notes for donors.

Because the holidays are a time when many people want to help, there is a chance the bank could be overwhelmed with donations. They may prefer that a food drive be held during the spring or summer months, so always contact them first before beginning.

Ask Friends and Family for Help

When talking with a local food bank, make a list of what donations they need most. Send the list to friends and family and ask which items they could donate. Consider asking guests at a holiday party or at an employer to bring a certain item to be donated. Employers may also be willing to offer an incentive to employees who donate in the form of a prize or discount.

Consider Monetary Donations with a Virtual Drive

Though food banks need and gladly take non-perishable food donations, giving a monetary donation can go a long way. Food banks use monetary donations to buy foods in bulk. They can often purchase more with this money than can be donated by purchasing large amounts at a discount. Use social media to get monetary donations for a local food bank with a virtual food drive.

Hosting a holiday food drive will help thousands of families get food on the table each day. Give back and see all of the good that can be done during this time.