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Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community by helping the less fortunate. Performing this selfless work has gotten a lot trickier over the last few months thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Since gathering in large groups is not safe right now, some of the traditional volunteer options are off the table. These are the four best ways to volunteer your time virtually.

Crisis Text Line

Crisis Text Line is an organization that provides mental health counseling to those in need around the world. This counseling is provided via text messaging, so you can help others from the comfort of your home. You will undergo a training course shortly after signing up to help get you prepared. Volunteers for the Crisis Text Line must be able to dedicate at least four hours of their time every week.

Online Tutoring

Tutoring is always an excellent way to volunteer your time, but it is even more important right now with so many kids out of school. It is hard for parents to devote time to schooling since they still have to work their regular job. While tutoring may traditionally be done in person, it can easily be done virtually. Just set up an online video call with the client before starting the lesson.

United Nations

The United Nations connects volunteers with needy organizations all over the world. All of the available volunteer options can be viewed online. You just select the one that best fits your schedule and skill set. If you are great at sewing, then you may be tasked with making blankets for people that cannot afford them. Since the pandemic has hit the entire world, the United Nations has come up with creative ways to let their volunteers work virtually.

Start Online Fundraiser

Charities all over the world are struggling to raise funds during this tough time. If you have a specific cause that you want to help out, then you may want to think about starting an online fundraiser. There are several online fundraising platforms that will handle the money collection and distribution. Since you can’t hold a big event to spread awareness, it is best to promote your cause using various social media platforms.