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Retirement can be a great time for those that want to dive into their hobbies and interests. However, there’s only so much time spent on interests before one can quickly become bored.

Instead of simply embracing this stagnancy, retirees can spend their time helping out others. Check out these ways retirees can give back to their local communities.


Whether it be a food bank or a pet shelter, there are always going to be organizations who need volunteers. Retirees are the perfect volunteers, as they can often fill the important time slots for those with busier schedules during the week.

To volunteer, retirees should lookup various local organizations in their area. These organizations typically don’t have a limit on hours or how many organizations someone can work for so retirees should find the right balance between volunteering and the rest of their life. Volunteering is one of the best ways a retiree can give back to their community.


Many volunteering experiences are made so that anyone with a free hand can participate no matter what. However, some retirees can take advantage of the skills they have learned.

For example, coding organizations have been offering free workshops for those that are looking to get into the workforce through a programming position. Programming retirees can then taking their knowledge and help out these organizations by teaching directly for those workshops. Retirees should always think about the skills they have before volunteering for others.


Many people like to wait until they have a lot of money saved up before they retire. By saving beforehand, retirees can upgrade their house, or go on various vacations. Over time, however, retirees might find out that they don’t need nearly all of the money they have saved up. Those looking to help others can use this money to their advantage by creating a foundation.

Starting a foundation allows retirees to focus their money on a single purpose, like helping fund scholarships or ensuring that families are getting the food they need. Retirees can even open their foundation to outside funding so others can get the help they need even when a retiree starts running out of money. Starting a foundation is an easy and admirable way for a retiree to give back to others using their money.