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The COVID-19 health pandemic has hit all parts of the country hard, including NYC. Some of us have turned to volunteering to show our gratitude and empower ourselves. New York City is a massive city and there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer.


The Food Bank

The food bank is one of the biggest charities in any city. Needy families can go there for the food. If you have the free time, you can sign up for a shift handing out boxes, unloading trucks, and checking names off lists. Or you can serve dinner at a community kitchen. The food bank is not only open for health pandemic. Its services are needed year-round and the organization always needs volunteers.


Neighborhood Mutual Aid Network

One recent nonprofit innovation was the neighborhood mutual aid network. Each neighborhood has a volunteer-led organization that does many important things. Food and supplies are delivered to the sick, elderly, and immunocompromised. Parks are cleaned up. Community fridges are installed. By being locally run, they avoid the red tape of larger organizations and are thus more efficient on both cost and speed. Check out


Big Brother Big Sister of NYC

Instead of working for a big idea and a big organization, some people like to have a big impact on just one person. Big Brother or Big Sister is an excellent choice. If you’re over the age of 21, you’ll be matched with someone of the age of 7-17 to be a positive role model. Typically, you’ll meet twice a month. This can be a great influence on a child, as they often come from single-parent homes and do not get a lot of parental attention.


God’s Love We Deliver

This is a good organization for those who like dealing with food. Some people are too sick to shop for groceries or cook for themselves. This nonprofit needs people to do food prep, meal kit assembly, and deliver meals.


RedHawk Council

The RedHawk council has been organizing New York City’s Native Americans for many years. They are made up of artists and art educators and deal with song, dance, theatre, visual art, and more art forms. Currently, they are looking for donations to help funding 25 $1000 grants.


Citymeals on Wheels

This is a national charity that has a well-run chapter in New York City. It delivers meals to the elderly and socializes with them. There are multiple positions available. Everything from meal prep to office work, to making cards for special occasions.


New York City is a massive place. There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer.